Roof ventilation in your industrial facility is essential for ensuring moisture control, temperature regulation, better indoor air quality, and prolonging the roof’s longevity.

As one of the leading roof contractors in Johannesburg, we here at Roof Surgeons have seen both excellent and terrible industrial roof ventilation, so we thought we’d share some best practices and tips to help you ensure that your roof ventilation is up to par.

Regular Maintenance Is Crucial

All too often, industrial roof ventilation installations are not properly maintained. Over time, roof ventilation vents can become blocked or damaged owing to their exposure to the elements and nature. Birds and rats could make nests in them, they could become clogged with leaves, or violent wind and rain could cause physical damage and rust.

This means that exterior ventilation installations need to be inspected regularly to ensure that everything is in good working order and that they’re not blocked up.

Seals Need To Be Checked And Repaired

Wherever ventilation installations are present on your facility’s roof, it’s critical to ensure that the seals around them are properly checked and maintained. These seals come loose and peel back over time due to exposure to the elements, and therefore need repairing and reapplication.

When seals around ventilation installations come loose, it allows water infiltration, air leakage, and the intrusion of pests or debris into the building’s interior. This can cause damage to the interior of your facility and compromise the effectiveness of the ventilation system.

Don’t Forget About Security

Sadly, crime in South Africa is a reality we all have to deal with. However, gates and burglar bars on the windows might not be enough to prevent intruders from getting into your facility if there is a way to access the building on the roof.

When installing roof ventilation, it’s important to ensure that it’s secure. Various ventilation solutions are available on the market that can ensure security while still providing ample airflow. Wind turbines, for example, are a popular and secure solution enjoyed by many businesses.

If your building cannot accommodate a wind turbine or if it has some other kind of opening for ventilation, ensure that it’s sealed off with a security mesh. Moreover, all ventilation structures should be installed using tamper-proof bolts.

Here at Roof Surgeons, we care about the integrity of your roof. As one of the leading roof contractors in Johannesburg, we can help you ensure that your ventilation solutions are properly sealed and maintained for maximum effectiveness. Contact us today!