Roof Surgeon are your trusted experts in a spectrum of cutting-edge waterproofing systems. From boarded and torch-on to all-acrylic solutions, we specialise in delivering top-notch protection for your property. Our commitment to excellence and adherence to industry standards guarantee a high-quality sealing service for your property.


Our expert team utilises advanced torch-on techniques to create a seamless, impermeable barrier. This method ensures that every nook and cranny of your roof or structure is effectively protected, leaving no room for water infiltration. Whether your property has a flat roof, pitched roof, or complex architectural features, our torch-on waterproofing systems are versatile enough to adapt to various structures. This adaptability makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Our all-acrylic systems employ advanced technology to create a resilient waterproof barrier. This ensures comprehensive protection against water intrusion, preventing damage and deterioration caused by leaks. Beyond just functionality, Roof Surgeon’s all-acrylic waterproofing solutions contribute to the visual appeal of your property. The transparent finish allows the underlying surface to shine through, preserving the original aesthetics of your structure.

There is a critical role that parapet walls play in the overall integrity of your property. Our specialised Parapet Wall Sealing services provide a robust defence against water intrusion, ensuring your structure remains secure and protected. Parapet walls are often vulnerable points for water infiltration. Our sealing services act as a proactive measure, addressing potential vulnerabilities before they escalate into more significant issues. This preventive approach saves you from costly repairs and disruptions in the long run.

Every zinc and tiled roof is unique, and we understand the importance of personalised solutions. Our team works closely with you to assess the specific characteristics of your roof, providing customised waterproofing strategies that address its individual needs. We use state-of-the-art techniques in zinc and tiled roof waterproofing. From meticulous surface preparation to the application of high-quality waterproofing materials, our methods are designed to withstand the challenges posed by weather, ensuring a reliable and enduring defence.


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