If you live in Gauteng, you know the fury and wonder of our summer rainstorms, which range from violent half-hour thundershowers to five-day-long gentle showers. To protect your home from suffering damage during the rainy season, proper gutter installation in Johannesburg is essential.

Let’s take a look at how a good gutter can help.

Protecting Your Home’s Foundations

When most people think of gutters, they most likely only consider how it will save their roofs from flooding. However, gutters also play an important role in directing water torrents away from your home’s foundations.

When water pours in one place consistently, it can erode the soil and begin to seep into the foundations. This can lead to erosion, cracks, and even structural damage forming over time.

This kind of damage can cause major structural instability in your house, which could lead to an eventual collapse if left unattended. Naturally, foundational damage is difficult to address and can result in enormously expensive repairs.

Preserving Your Garden

When you don’t have proper gutters installed, uncontrolled water flow from your home’s roof during rainstorms can lead to erosion and soil instability in your garden. When this happens, you undermine the ability of your garden to grow by depriving the beds of topsoil.

In the case of smaller plants, such soil erosion will simply cause them to become uprooted. In the case of larger plants, including trees, you risk causing structural instability, which can lead to trees toppling. This poses a significant safety hazard, risking injury or damage to your property.

Protecting Your Home’s Exterior

When water continually pours off your roof in an uncontrolled manner, it can cause significant damage to the exterior of your house. At best, it can cause your exterior walls to develop unsightly stains. At worst, it can cause your exterior walls to become sodden, leading to mould and structural instability.

Not having properly installed gutters can also result in water finding its way into gaps and cracks in the exterior, particularly around doors and windows. When this happens, your home’s interior can become flooded, causing water damage that is expensive and complicated to repair.

Hopefully, this article has highlighted why it’s so important to have proper gutter installation in Johannesburg to protect your home. Here at Roof Surgeon, we do the sealing and replacement of gutters and downpipes. Contact us now to get help.